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Mouth Guards in Calgary

At Go Dental in Calgary, we provide sport and mouth guards to protect our patients from injuries such as chipped or broken teeth and damage to oral tissue. 

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports accidents are common in high contact sports such as hockey, baseball, rugby, soccer or lacrosse. It is not uncommon to hear of athletes who have sustained serious injuries that could have been prevented or minimized by using proper mouth protection in the form of a custom made mouth guard.

Sports Mouth Guard, Calgary Dentist

Why Choose Custom?

At Go Dental, we offer sports and mouth guards that provide not only protection but a custom fit.

Custom fit mouth guards are composed of materials that provide absorption from impact.

Mouth guards can do more than protect teeth, they can also lessen the force to the head and skull.

How To Care for Your Mouth Guard 

Clean your mouth guard with cool, soapy water after each use.

At Go Dental, we can also inspect your mouth guard for holes and tears, as well as check the fit during your regular cleaning or dental exam. 

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