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Does My Dental Insurance Expire At Year End?

Does My Dental Insurance Expire At Year End?

If you're due for any preventive dental treatments, contact our Calgary dentists to discuss your options and insurance coverage before your dental benefits expire at year end.

Do dental benefits carry over into the new year?

Most dental insurance plans do not carry over into the new year, meaning that you'll be starting fresh in 2020.

As we approach the end of 2019, you should consider what preventive dental care you may need, and take advantage of your remaining coverage while you can.

Determining Your Eligibility

To make the most of your 2019 dental coverage, you must first know what you’re eligible for. To determine this, talk to your insurance company or, if you’re covered by your employer, refer to your human resources department.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Which services are completely covered and which are partly covered?
  • How do I receive the discounts on my dental care?
  • What treatments have I received so far in 2019?
  • Who is covered under my plan?

The Importance of Prevention

Your insurance provider may be just as eager as your dentist for you to undergo regular preventive dental care.

Preventive dental care is the key to avoiding serious oral health problems, and the need for more invasive and expensive treatment in the future.

For this reason, most dental insurance plans completely cover two check ups and cleanings each year, as well as a set of x-rays. Prevention saves your insurance provider money in the long run, and it saves you a lot of time, hassle and discomfort, too.

If you're behind on cleanings, checkups or other preventive services, this is a great time to schedule an appointment with one of our Calgary dentists. 

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