Wisdom teeth removal in Calgary

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Wisdom teeth usually are the last teeth to erupt within your mouth. If your gums and oral tissue are healthy and the teeth are properly aligned, they do not have to be removed. Extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they have become infected or have not emerged properly. For more information about wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, contact us.

Why Might Wisdom Tooth Removal Be Necessary for Me?

While some patients are able to avoid this procedure (thanks to the teeth staying buried in the bone or coming in perfectly aligned with your other teeth), it’s more common for wisdom teeth to grow unevenly or become impacted. When this happens, you become at risk for tissue infections, damage to your other teeth and a lot of pain. That’s why it’s better to have your Calgary dentist take out your wisdom teeth at the first sign of problems (which we can determine with x-rays).

The team at Go Dental suggests having the wisdom teeth removal procedure in Calgary done between the ages of 16-25, as the teeth generally will come out easier and healing time is generally quicker. Many of our patients will get their wisdom teeth out with just local anesthetic, but if you want to be sedated this is also an option.

Contact Go Dental for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Our Calgary dentists are available 7 days a week. Contact Go Dental to make an appointment to determine if you should have your wisdom teeth removed or to have the wisdom teeth removal procedure done.

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