Root canal procedure in Calgary

Root Canal Procedure in Calgary

The Go Dental team offers root canals in Calgary. Regardless of your personal situation, our team of dentists can help you find the right options to suit your dental care needs.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal or endodontic treatment involves the removal of dead, injured or infected tooth pulp. The space inside the hard layers of your teeth is called the root canal system. When germs enter your tooth through cracks or damaged fillings, it can cause an infection. In addition, the affected area may have associated pain and swelling. If the tooth is left untreated, it can cause serious oral health issues.

When Should a Root Canal be Performed?

Sometimes there are no signs that root canal treatment is necessary. However, here are some signs that indicate that you should talk to us about receiving a root canal treatment in Calgary:

  • Severe aching or pain when chewing or applying pressure
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold temperatures even after the hot or cold has been removed
  • The tooth has become discoloured or darkens
  • Swelling around the gum line
  • A pimple that forms on the gum

Contact Go Dental’s Team of Dentists for a Root Canal Treatment in Calgary

If you experience any of the above conditions, do not hesitate to contact Go Dental to book an appointment. Our dentists will assess your dental health condition and determine if a root canal is the appropriate option for you.

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