Emergency Dentists in NE & SE Calgary

Unexpected trauma to teeth and gums can cause excruciating pain and is a scenario that requires urgent attention and care. Thankfully for residents of SE & NE Calgary, Go Dental is open 7 days a week in order to accommodate critical situations that require the immediate care of a qualified general dentist. Our clinic has emergency dentists in NE Calgary to provide emergency dental care and intervention for both new and existing clients with flexible scheduling that permits us to respond to your needs in the shortest of delays.

Tips for a Dental Emergency

Our emergency dentists serving NE and SE Calgary consistently promote the fact that, when dealing with oral or dental trauma, acting quickly is absolutely crucial. Just a small amount of lost time can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth. While calling your dentist right away is essential, there are steps you can take in the meantime that will not only minimize pain, but can lead to saving your natural tooth so you don’t need to take the prosthetic route. Here are some tips for dealing with the most common dental emergencies.

Dislodged or Knocked Out Tooth
If permanent or adult teeth have been knocked out cleanly (no breaks in structure), it is a dental emergency and it is important to keep the teeth clean and moist. The first step is to rinse the tooth with clean water, being extra careful not to touch the root area. The next step is to make sure the tooth does not dry out. While the best form of preservation would be to place the tooth back in its socket (the less time the tooth is out of the socket, the better the chance of saving it), this can sometimes prove too painful. In this case, simply placing the tooth between your cheek and gums or in a cup of milk during transport to the dentist is your best bet. Following these simple steps will keep the root cells alive long enough for your dentist to transplant it back into its socket successfully.

Broken or Chipped Teeth
In the case of chipped teeth, there is no way to treat them at home. Therefore, a visit to your dentist who offers dental emergency services is the only option for repairing it.

If you’ve experienced oral trauma resulting in a broken tooth, making an emergency dental appointment is of utmost importance. In the meantime, and immediately after the break occurs, follow these steps:

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water.
  • Apply pressure to any bleeding areas, using gauze or a tea bag, until bleeding stops.
  • Apply an ice pack to cheek or lips over the affected area. This will reduce swelling and pain.
  • Contact your dentist and schedule an emergency appointment.

Toothaches can be caused by a wide variety of factors. If you’re experiencing a minor toothache, simple remedies, such as taking a light painkiller, applying a cold compress or numbing the area using an over-the-counter numbing gel, or using a sea salt rinse, could resolve the issue.

For sudden, intense or persistent toothaches, you should consider an emergency trip to your dentist in NE Calgary. Major dental pain usually signifies a major issue that only your dentist can properly diagnose.

Object Stuck Between Teeth
Use dental floss to remove food or an object stuck between teeth. Do not use sharp or pointed instruments such as a toothpick or needle.

Same-Day Appointments to see an Emergency Dentist in NE & SE Calgary

Broken, chipped or dislodged teeth, as well as toothaches, often require the immediate care of your dentist, which is why the dentists at Go Dental offer same-day emergency appointments for all urgent scenarios. Your emergencies are our priority. For more information on our emergency dental care services or to book an appointment, contact our Calgary clinic today!

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Go Dental is proud to provide emergency dental care in NE and SE Calgary, as well as the surrounding communities.

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