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Go Dental’s Team of Family Dentists in Calgary

Go Dental is not your average dental practice, nor do we have average people working with us. Our goal is to find the best people in the industry because we believe our patients deserve the best. We also want to give our employees a reason to be eager to come to work. By hiring superstars, we create an atmosphere of cooperation, determination and support. When we do our job, we go home knowing it was a job well done. All the positions in our office are of the utmost importance as we could not function if one area fails. For that reason, we appreciate each and every person working for us. Would you like to be part of our team? Do you have an exceptionally good work ethic? Do you strive to go beyond expectations? If you have answered yes to these questions then we encourage you to apply online and send us your resume.

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Hygienist Careers

Hygienists are experts who help create a great dental experience for patients and colleagues alike. While cleaning teeth is one of the hygienist's main roles, these oral health care providers also have the needed knowledge (well-rounded continuing education choices are important) and confidence to be able to discuss potential patient treatment options. At the same time, this person must have the ability to reassure the patient that the dentist is up-to-date and capable of meeting those demands.

Dental Assistant Careers

An RDA plays an integral role in facilitating all the dentist needs to have a successful day. This position is an incredibly important one. The RDA helps to assist and support the dentist while at the same time engaging and reassuring the patient.

Dental Receptionist Careers

Receptionists are the face of Go Dental. They create an uplifting experience for the people who visit our office. Our receptionists help to make our patients feel confident with their choice of Go Dental as their dental provider – one smile at a time.
Go Dental is a family dentist serving NE and SE Calgary. Go Dental is open 7 days a week with hours up to 12 hours a day, and offers services for the entire family – from general dentistry services to cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental services for SE and NE Calgary. Our multilingual dental office serves patients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. At Go Dental’s dental clinic in Calgary, we speak a number of languages, including Arabic, Tagalog, French, Chinese and more. For dental services for you or a family member, contact Go Dental Calgary!