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Teeth Whitening Calgary

Go Dental would be excited to help change and improve your smile. Our Calgary dentists can help you achieve this with something as simple as teeth whitening.

Go Dental provides Spa Dent in-office tooth whitening procedure in Calgary. Unlike take home teeth whitening treatments which can take 2-3 weeks, Spa Dent only takes 30 minutes. It is the fastest system on the market and produces outstanding results. Spa Dent is similar to other whitening treatments, but reduces the chance of getting tooth sensitivity. It has been rated as one of the best teeth whitening systems on the market and it is available at our dental office in Calgary!

How Does Spa Dent Teeth Whitening Work?

Spa Dent’s teeth whitening procedure uses an amazing whitening gel that goes onto two mouth trays. This gel is comprised of 9 well-researched ingredients, from hydrogen peroxide for rapid stain removal to aloe for gum soothing, and is designed to provide safe teeth whitening with little discomfort.

When activated by Spa Dent’s blue and red LED light, the gel goes through the enamel to break down stains and whiten your teeth. Spa Dent’s blue LED light uses a narrow beam to accelerate the whitening process. Plus, Spa Dent is the first to use the red LED light to assist tissue regeneration and wound healing. This combination of light allows your teeth to whiten faster with less pain. Our clients love having this innovative teeth whitening system available in Calgary.

What Are the Advantages of Spa Dent?
Spa Dent in-office teeth whitening is a fast and safe way to get the whiter teeth you’ve always dreamed of. While most all teeth whitening products are safe to use, Spa Dent has other advantages due to its thoughtful products.

  • Faster whitening process – The gel absorbs the LED light energy which causes the peroxide molecules to break down faster. This provides energy that speeds up and improves the performance of the gel. 
  • Brighter whitening results – Your genetics and the starting shade of your teeth will affect the end result; however, most patients experience 2 to 8 shades whiter teeth with Spa Dent. 
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity – There is virtually no sensitivity with Spa Dent; however, a small percentage of people experience minor gum discomfort that quickly dissipates. 
  • Enamel-safe ingredients – Enamel problems are generally caused by abrasive or acidic products. Spa Dent is pH neutral, so it’s safe for your teeth’s enamel. 
  • Long-lasting whitening – While every patient’s results will vary, if you maintain your oral health and take part in the aftercare program you’ll be able to maintain your smile.

With these factors in mind, Go Dental is proud to offer Spa Dent teeth whitening in Calgary to all patients who seek a brighter, whiter smile.

Whiten Your Teeth at Home
In addition to our in-office tooth whitening system, Go Dental offers a high tech take-home kit (with your own activation light) which only needs to be used 10 minutes each day to get results. Impress your friends and family with your bright new smile!

Schedule Your In-Office Teeth Whitening in Calgary Today!

If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your less-than-white teeth, call us! At Go dental, we offer Spa Dent teeth whitening in Calgary to help you regain some confidence in your smile. Contact us to schedule a teeth whitening appointment today!

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