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Dental Crowns by Calgary’s Go Dental

Chipped, broken, or decayed teeth will often deteriorate quickly, and painfully, without the immediate intervention of a licensed dentist. At Go Dental, our dentists are proud to offer restorative services, such as dental crowns to Calgary residents, to prevent the further structural weakening of your teeth, as well as to rebuild a healthy-looking smile.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are hollow, artificial teeth used to cover traumatized or decayed teeth, in order to protect the natural tooth structure from further damage.

Additionally, crowns are a popular restorative option among patients who have undergone a root canal, or other major dental procedure, because teeth that have been repaired with crowns look and work very much like natural teeth.

What Types of Dental Crowns are Available in Calgary?

There are a variety of dental crown materials at your dentist’s disposal, and he/she will suggest specific materials depending on the tooth being crowned, based on functionality and aesthetics.

  • Metal Dental Crowns: generally manufactured from gold alloy, palladium, nickel or chromium, metal crowns can last a relatively long time, and are highly resistant to chipping or breaking. Aesthetically speaking, due to their metallic colour, these types of crowns are commonly reserved for back molars that are not immediately apparent when smiling. Structurally, they work best on molars because they can handle vigorous chewing.
  • Composite Dental Crowns: more natural-looking than metal crowns, but similarly sturdy, these composite crowns are often placed on mid to front teeth. They wear a little easier from chewing than metal crowns, therefore are seldom placed on rear molars.
  • Porcelain Dental Crowns: as the most natural-looking crown option available, these will most often be placed on visible front teeth. In terms of sturdiness, porcelain crowns are more prone to chipping than metal or composite and, as such, are not recommended for molars primarily used for chewing.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns: natural-looking, and much stronger than porcelain or composite crowns, this option offers you the best of both worlds. They can be placed on front teeth, or back molars, and will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing smile, as well as resilient and sturdy chewing functionality.

The Dental Crown Procedure in Calgary at Go Dental

Once your dentist, after a thorough dental exam, determines that a crown is the best option for your particular case, you can expect the following during your procedure (which commonly takes place over the course of two appointments – or more if your case requires special care):

First Dental Crown Appointment in Calgary

  • A local anesthetic is applied to the designated area requiring dental crown work.
  • Once the anesthetic has taken effect, and in order to make space to accommodate your crown, your dentist will file down the tooth requiring restoration.
  • Next, an impression of the filed-down tooth, as well as surrounding teeth is taken. This impression will be used to manufacture a personalized dental crown based on your actual dental structure.
  • A temporary crown, created based on an impression of your tooth before it was filed down, and designed to protect your tooth while awaiting fabrication of your final crown, will be placed over the filed-down tooth.

Second Dental Crown Appointment

  • Your dentist will remove the temporary crown
  • The final crown is then placed over your tooth and examined to ensure proper fit, shape, colour, and bite has been successfully duplicated.
  • Once your dentist is satisfied that all criteria has been met by the final product, he/she will cement the permanent dental crown into place.

As a general rule, dental crowns are strong and can last for over 10 years if properly cared for through brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist. For more information regarding the benefits of dental crowns, or to schedule an appointment with one of our Calgary dentists to determine if you might need one, contact Go Dental’s Calgary clinic today.

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