The Benefits of Visiting the Dentist & the Costs of Not

D: Dan Goldberg / J: John (Radio Host)

J: Welcome back, my guest today is Dr. Goldberg from Go Dental in Calgary, Alberta, and Doctor, just before the break we were talking about where you set up your practice. It’s a multicultural area, and you actually have a couple of people who work in your practice that speak other languages other than English, and you list a handful of other languages that you want to incorporate into your practice in the future. Can you tell us what those ones are again?

D: Sure, right now we are offering French and Arabic, and in the near future we plan on adding Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu and Hindi. I am sure there will, probably, hopefully be a few other ones.

J: You had an opportunity to send over some information prior to our program today. You said you have a real vision for your practice, aside from the foreign languages that you want to incorporate into your practice, what other things would you like to incorporate into your vision?

D: The way I came up with my vision, I put myself in the patient’s perspective and I found it really important to do that because I want to help people to the best of my ability. And in the end I want to make them really comfortable, that’s how I came up with my vision. My vision is to treat people and patients with the most respect, they are the priority, and they should get the treatment done in an efficient and gentile manner. The name of my practice is Go Dental. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is to sit for multiple hours in a dental chair and have a procedure done extremely slow. So, Go Dental - it sort of implies a bit of a faster pace.

J: You just touched on a couple of things Doctor, and I mentioned a little bit in the introduction of the program, you know, like you said, people don’t say “hi! Let’s go to the dentist!” Why do you think people are so afraid to go to the dentist?

D: It’s an interesting question because it’s sort of surprising to me how many people love going to the dentist.

J: Oh Interesting!

D: (Laughs) Because I have had a lot of work done on myself, when I have to go to the dentist myself, it’s not something like “Oh, I am looking forward to doing” but, there are times I look forward to it, and one of those times is when I get my teeth cleaned. I love when I get my teeth cleaned! I find it like a massage to my mouth, and there are often times where I actually fall asleep in the middle of it, and it’s one of the best ways to relax for me. At the end, I just love the way everything feels. I think if we focus on the positive, and people are hooked into the dentist from that point of view it can be a fantastic experience and very positive.

J: Let’s focus on that for a second, staying positive, what are all the benefits of getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis?

D: There are a lot of benefits, and I think one of the things that people forget about, is just to come in for regular check-ups and that’s one of the things I think I like to talk about - this point “Why do you need to come in so often? Why is it that dentists recommend to come in every 3, 4, 6 months?” Sometimes we delay up to a year but really you should probably not wait any more than a year.

J: Yeah, I mean I brush, I floss, what’s the point?

D: Yeah, exactly. So, it’s important to brush and floss. It’s critical. But there are only so many things you can do and then you have to bring it up to the next level. I think the main reason why people should come in on a regular basis for check-ups is that they can avoid emergencies. They might have something happening in their mouth and have no idea what’s going on unless we take an X-ray or have a professional look at it.

And the thing I have to say about that.. You know a lot of people they don't go to the dentist because, especially if you don't have insurance, it's expensive. And I start to compare to going to the vet, I have a cat and you know I hate going to the vet only because I don't have insurance, pet insurance and it adds up, I know every time I go there it's going to be like bringing out my wallet and I want to take care of my pet but it's painful.

J: Right, right!

D: So it’s kind of like going to the dentist too. I think a lot of people avoid the dentist for cost reasons, but what they don't realize is, sometimes the longer you wait on getting something done, the more expensive it's going to be.

J: Right, procrastination can be expensive.

D: Yeah, for example, you know you don't have pain, everything is OK but you come in, we take an X-ray, we see a small cavity and it's pretty simple and not that expensive to fix up. But, let’s say you wait and it gets painful and... an interesting thing, people often don't know they have cavities until it becomes painful, that's when it's too late, when it's a critical point because you can literally have 10 - 15 cavities in your mouth and have no idea anything is wrong, because, if they are very small cavities, you don't feel pain. When they get really big, unfortunately, if you feel pain, oftentimes, we can’t just put a filling in there. And it gets to the next level – we’re either looking at a root canal or we have to take a tooth out and you know if you are looking at those two options you are talking thousands of dollars, right. For the filling, we are really just looking at the hundreds of dollars.

J: I know there are other benefits to see your dentist regularly, but I am looking at the clock and we need to take another quick break but when we come back, let's talk about those other benefits, OK?

D: Sure.


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