Signs that Your Dentures Might Not Be a Perfect Fit: Custom Dentures May Be the Answer

Dentures can provide you with better functionality than you would have with missing and broken teeth. Additionally, a set of prosthetic teeth can help to restore your smile as well as your confidence. 

If you have been fitted for dentures but sense that they do not fit correctly, you could be right. Talk to your denturist in Calgary about ways to get the best fit with your new teeth.

A man with perfectly fitting dentures in Calgary

5 Indications that You Do Not Have Well-Fitted Dentures

Pay attention to how your dentures fit in your mouth as well as the ease with which you are able to conduct normal activity. You can look for the following signs that your prosthetic teeth are not a perfect fit:

  • Eating Is Difficult: There is usually an adjustment period when you have any cosmetic dentistry treatment implemented. However, you should ultimately be able to eat without much difficulty when you have dentures. While you should not expect to chew items such as gum or taffy with dentures in place, you should be capable of chewing most foods with comfort and ease. 
  • Frequent Slipping: If your dentures frequently slip out of place and fall out of your mouth, you have a problem. Dentures should remain in place when you talk, yawn, eat, laugh, and sneeze. 
  • Mouth Pain: Mouth pain can indicate that your prosthetic teeth do not fit the way they were intended to. If the balance of your bite is uneven, you could experience pain. This can make chewing an unpleasant and difficult activity. 
  • Formation of Sores: Sores in your mouth may also be a sign that your dentures are not fitted properly. When your dentures rub against your gums continuously, you are apt to develop sores. 
  • Presence of Infection: If your new teeth do not fit correctly, food particles can make their way underneath them. This may lead to the presence of bacteria and fungus. Soon, you could find yourself faced with an oral infection. Additionally, your gums may become inflamed. 
  • Aesthetic Effect: Your dentures could fit enough to function well, but you might not like the way that they look. Although you should not expect your new teeth to look exactly like your natural ones, they can be custom fitted at your local denture clinic in Calgary to give you a smile and function that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Being Properly Fitted for Dentures in Calgary

Your dentures should fit relatively well. You might require some time to become adjusted to them. After a while though, your new teeth should not cause problems for you. If they do, then you might need to have them fitted again. Our Go Dental dentists and denturist can assist you in getting the best fit possible.

Make sure that you only visit a reputable dental professional. Our cosmetic dentistry team will be delighted to help you explore the possibilities.

Make an appointment for custom dentures at Go Dental. You can give us a call at 403-407-2028. Also, feel free to use our online contact form to learn more about dentures and other cosmetic dentistry services.

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