Protecting Teeth During Sports

Sports can create risks for teeth, with flying equipment and rough contact, and it is important to keep your teeth safe from harm. It is estimated that between 13 and 39 percent of tooth injuries occur during sports. For this reason, you should take preventative measures to protect yourself and your family’s smiles. There are different options and considerations when choosing the best sports protection for your teeth. The following tips can help you keep your teeth safe from harm while participating in sports.

Considerations for Teeth Protection
If you are playing a contact sport, make sure you put your safety first by wearing the proper face protection. Sports that require that extra protection include football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, squash, racquetball, rugby, wrestling or boxing. If you are participating, be prepared. A helmet in addition to a mouth guard may be appropriate and will increase your protection.

What You Need to Know About Mouth Guards
Make sure your mouth guard is properly fitted. When the mouth guard fits properly, it will protect your teeth, gums and cheeks.

If you or your child complain about a bulky or uncomfortable mouth guard, it may be the result of poor fit. A custom-made mouth guard can help ensure a proper fit and eliminate excess materials or discomfort. There are three types of mouth guards: custom made, as mentioned, which offer the best fit and protection; boil and bite or mouth-formed options, that are moulded to the patient’s teeth but not vacuum-fitted; and stock or ready-made varieties, that offer the bulkiest fit and limited protection.

Once you have chosen the type that is suited to your needs, be sure to clean the mouth guard regularly to limit plaque buildup and odors. In order for maximum longevity and ensure it continues to fit properly, do not cut, alter or chew on your mouth guard. Compromising it can limit the protection it provides.

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What to Do if There is a Dental Injury

If a tooth does get knocked out or chipped, it is important to contact an emergency dentist to receive professional treatment quickly, minimize the damage and potentially save the missing tooth. Dental crowns or dental implants are options that can provide a solution to missing or chipped teeth.

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