Get Your Kids Reading Towards Good Oral Health

Starting your child’s love of reading from a young age is a fantastic gift. They can learn a lot from books and will have an easier time in school if they are confident and happy readers. Another great habit to start from a young age is a consistent oral hygiene routine. Giving your children an appreciation and understanding of their teeth and the importance of oral health will give them a lifetime of clean, healthy teeth and gums.

Not all kids are excited about visiting the dental office, though. Strangers, strange tools and a new environment can be overwhelming for little patients. At Go Dental in Calgary, our office is set up to be welcoming for all of our patients, big or small, and our staff will take the time to walk your children through their dental procedures. No surprises or pain, just smiles and clean teeth! Visit our dentist office in NE Calgary to learn more.

Teaching kids about good oral hygiene in Calgary Alberta

Children’s Books to Encourage Oral Health

Combine these two important life skills by getting your kids reading about oral hygiene. Visit your family dentist in Calgary at Go Dental to find more resources and get your children happily and comfortably visiting the dentist. Here are two of our favourite titles for teaching your children about their smiles:

  • Open Wide by Laurie Keller. Science meets story time in this fun book that explains the importance of good oral hygiene. If your child has a curious mind, they will appreciate understanding why they have to brush their teeth each day and learn how to handle that tricky piece of floss. 
  • Maisy, Charlie and the Wobbly Tooth: A Maisy First Experience Book by Lucy Cousins. Charley has a wobbly tooth that needs attention in this tale but is experiencing anxiety about visiting the dentist. If your little one has apprehensions about their appointment, they may relate to this story. Eventually, Charley is supported by Maisy and friends and he learns that there is nothing to worry about and only relief and clean teeth to be found in the dentist’s chair!

Bring Your Children to a Family Dentist in NE Calgary

Once your children understand the importance of oral health and hygiene, bring them to our family dentist in Calgary which specializes in dentistry for children. The team at Go Dental is trained to provide expert care to patients of all ages. We can ensure that your children feel comfortable visiting the dentist and eliminate any fears they have about sitting in the dentist’s chair. From routine teeth cleaning for adults or children to cosmetic dentistry for adults, we offer a variety of dental treatments and comprehensive services to keep your entire family’s mouths healthy and beautiful.

Contact Go Dental today for dental services for your children in Calgary. Call us at 403-407-2028 to schedule your appointment or fill out a contact form online and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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