Is It Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth and many individuals will need to have them removed in their late teens to early 20’s. Not everyone requires wisdom teeth removal, but it is important to keep a lookout for the signs and symptoms you need it; that way you can avoid complications later on.

Signs That It Is Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Only a dentist can accurately determine if you need to remove your wisdom teeth, but it is likely your teeth will show several signs long before your initial appointment.

Some of the most common indications that you need to remove your wisdom teeth include:

  • You have pain. Pain is typically the first symptom. It could be felt in the jaw where your wisdom teeth have erupted or you may even notice frequent headaches.
  • You notice stiffness in the jaw. Sometimes there is stiffness in the jaw where your wisdom teeth are located. This can be accompanied by pain or without pain.
  • Gums are swollen, red and tender. When wisdom teeth need to be extracted, you will notice your gums around those teeth are tender, red and even swollen. You may notice constant pressure against your gums and could experience difficulty chewing food in that area. You can control swelling with ice and over-the-counter anti- inflammatory medications, but eventually, your teeth will need to be removed.
  • You have facial swelling. Typically, when facial swelling occurs, you are likely to have impacted or infected wisdom teeth. This is a serious health risk; therefore, you need to see your family dentist in Calgary right away.
  • X-rays show impaction. Sometimes you will have no symptoms, but during a regular dental checkup, your dentist notices that your wisdom teeth are impacted. Typically, an extraction appointment will be scheduled quickly to avoid infection.
Wisdom teeth removal in Calgary Alberta

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary – Visit Us at Go Dental

Having your wisdom teeth removed does not have to be a stressful experience. If your teeth are showing signs or symptoms they need to be removed, contact the team at Go Dental. We have a range of options for removal and we always ensure our patients experience as little discomfort as possible.

If you have the symptoms of an infection, contact our team right away; we are available seven days a week.

Contact Go Dental to see if it is time for your wisdom teeth removal. Call to schedule an appointment at 403-407-2028 or fill out an online contact form and a team member will get in touch with you shortly.

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