Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures

Dentures today are not the same as they were a few years ago. If you have been contemplating dentures, you will have plenty of questions. It is always best to consult your family dentist in Calgary because there may be specific requirements for your teeth. But, while you are waiting for your appointment, you can browse some of the frequently asked questions and answers.

What Calgary Dentists Want You to Know about Dentures

There is plenty to know about dentures, but the following information is critical if you are thinking about getting them:

  • Do dentures affect your appearance? Dentures are placed where your natural teeth were originally; which provides your face with ample support. You may see some changes if you are replacing old or worn dentures or if you are wearing them for the first time.
  • Do dentures affect speech? Speech issues will depend on how much work is required to improve your teeth, but the speech issues are typically temporary. If you notice difficulties with speech, your dentist can show you tricks to reverse it.
  • What about eating? Most people are concerned with eating and dentures. You will need time to adapt to your new dentures and chewing may take a little time to re-learn with your new teeth. Try taking smaller portions and chewing slowly at first. Also try to avoid foods that are sticky or tough until you learn to chew properly.
  • Do I wear dentures while I sleep too? Most people take their dentures off at night and it is recommended strictly because of sanitization. If you want to sleep with your dentures on, make sure they are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Do dentures cause gum sensitivity or issues? As long as your dentures fit properly, they should not cause too many issues. It is normal to develop pressure points and sore spots, but these typically resolve themselves. If you notice pressure sores lasting more than 48 hours, contact your dentist immediately.
  • Are dentures fragile? Yes, they can break, but most dentures today are made from resilient materials. You should still clean them over a towel, because dropping them inside a sink may lead to a broken or chipped tooth. You will also want to be cautious with the brackets, because these can easily bend or lose their shape.
  • Should I choose dental implants instead? Some individuals find dental implants more convenient than removable dentures. These are titanium replacements for your natural teeth roots and have a special tooth-like attachment. If you do not like the maintenance and hassles of traditional dentures, implants are your next best option.
Getting dentures in Calgary Alberta

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