Drilling through Root Canal Myths

Root canals have earned a bad reputation as being extremely painful dental procedures. The punch line to many jokes, root canals are not something most people look forward to. Many of these notions are based on information that is out of date or simply untrue. Root canals are in fact, a very common and highly successful dental treatment!

We have debunked three myths below. Still have questions about root canals? Contact Go Dental’s team of professionals to learn more about getting a root canal in Calgary.

Root canals in Calgary Alberta

3 Myths about Root Canals

Don’t let these common misconceptions fuel fear or keep you from getting a root canal at your Calgary family dentist. Here are three concerns you can eliminate from your mind:

  • Root canals are extremely painful. Pain is the reason a root canal treatment is completed; it is not the cause of the discomfort. Dental technology has come a long way and with the latest tools, anesthetics and techniques, root canals are no more painful than getting a cavity filled. The procedure will remove the damaged tissue in the tooth that is the likely source of pain. 
  • Root canals cause illness. Outdated and disproven research put forward by Dr. Weston A. Price in the 1920s has left a lasting myth about root canal treatment causing other diseases in the body. The study advocated for the much more traumatic tooth extraction procedure over endodontic treatment like a root canal. Root canals have shown no correlation to causing other illnesses and are a much less invasive procedure than extraction.
  • Pulling the tooth is a good alternative treatment. While extraction is an option, it is always preferable to keep your natural teeth. Replacement teeth can be expensive and lead to dietary limitations. Endodontic treatment is a cost-effective option that has a very high success rate.

Visit a General Dentist in Calgary for Your Root Canal

If you are suffering from tooth pain, you may need a root canal in Calgary to alleviate the pain! Contact us at Go Dental to find out if a root canal is right for your dental needs. We provide a range of dental procedures for the entire family and can help you maintain good oral health.

Contact Go Dental for your root canal. Call us today at 403-407-2028 to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out an online contact form and a team member will get in touch with you shortly.

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