Charting Your Child’s Dental Milestones

Most people remember to mark down the time of birth, first words, and height of their child as they grow. In addition to all these, there are dental milestones you should watch out for. As your child begins to grow, their teeth, gums and oral health will require special attention. With growing mouths that impact the way they smile, talk and eat for the rest of their lives, it is important not to ignore your child’s oral health development. The team at Go Dental in Calgary offers pediatric dentistry services. We can provide comprehensive family dental services, from baby teeth to aging molars, so your children will have proper dental care throughout each and every stage of development.

Children and oral health in Calgary Alberta

Oral Health Milestones

Keep an eye out for these milestones as your child starts to grow. Have questions or concerns about your child’s oral development? Contact the staff at Go Dental for pediatric dentistry services and advice.

Here are four major milestones your little one will pass as their teeth and gums develop into adulthood:

  • Baby Teeth – The eruption of baby teeth is not usually pleasant for you or your child. It can be painful, but is an important first stage in your child’s oral health development. These baby teeth begin forming in the jaw before breaking through gums, and play an important role in holding space for their forthcoming permanent teeth. They also are critical for encouraging speech and allowing them to eat.
  • Habits and Routines – Once baby teeth come in, it is important to protect them and begin to teach your child about good oral healthcare habits. Toddlers’ oral health and hygiene should be monitored, but you can also encourage independence in your child as much as possible. Teaching them about the importance of their teeth and consistent cleaning habits with daily brushing will ensure a lifetime of oral health. Encourage healthy bottle feeding, good nutrition, and discourage thumb-sucking, as if this is not done, these habits can lead to cavities, a malformed jaw and/or poor tooth development.  
  • Mixed Dentition – Once baby teeth start to fall out and your child matures, a host of new dental concerns and developments will occur. Whether your child becomes active in sports, has a sweet tooth, or seems to have too many teeth for their small mouth, there are specific treatments that can help. From mouth guards to orthodontic work and fluoride treatments, it is important to visit your Calgary family dentist for regular teeth cleaning. That way, any issues can be caught early and solved more easily.
  • Adult Teeth – Once all their adult teeth have come in, your child may require braces to correct the alignment and bite of their smile. Easier eating, a more confident smile and comfortable breathing can be achieved through orthodontic work. Wisdom teeth removal may also be required, typically around age 17, as most people don’t have room in their mouth for these third molars.

Visit Your Calgary Family Dentist at Go Dental

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