Tips to Care for Your Aging Teeth

As people age, a whole range of new health concerns arise. Alongside creaky knees and worsening eye sight, it is important not to overlook your oral health. Your teeth and gums are prone to new issues and vulnerabilities as you age, so taking extra care is crucial for maintaining your health. A consistent and customized oral hygiene routine combined with regular teeth cleaning by a Calgary dentist will ensure your teeth stay in great condition even as you age.

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Your Teeth Are Meant to Outlive You!

While most people assume that like other parts of the body, teeth will also wear out and may even fall with age, it is not an inevitable process. Your teeth are meant to be strong enough to outlive you, provided you look after them all your life. Following a good routine of brushing, flossing, periodic dental checkups, treating dental issues on time, eating the right foods, and maintaining overall dental hygiene can keep your teeth healthy for as long as you live.

Looking for answers to your oral health questions? Need a dentist who understands and can resolve the issues you are facing with aging teeth? The team at Go Dental is accepting new patients of all ages and would be happy to assess and treat your teeth at this new stage of your life. We also offer comprehensive care and natural looking teeth replacement, including dental implants.

Continue to enjoy your favourite foods, smile bright and avoid tooth pain with these simple tips:

  • Dentures. One of the most common new concerns and adjustments for older patients is the need for dentures. Whether you require a full set or partial dentures, visiting a denture clinic in Calgary will ensure you get properly fitted and natural looking false teeth. Confidence and friendly services are key when getting your dentures, so don’t hesitate to visit or call Go Dental with your questions today. From assessments through to fittings, we can help you get used to your new dentures quickly. We also provide follow-up care to ensure you know how to properly care for your dentures, so that they continue to fit as great as they did on day one. 
  • Weakened Teeth. Years of chewing, chattering, and speaking may leave some teeth weakened as you age. If you face a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, dental crowns may be required. This straightforward procedure can be completed quickly by your Calgary dentist, so don’t delay and risk infection or further damage to your tooth.
  • Regular Checkups. When you were younger, you may not have been so diligent with your health care appointments. As you age, it is important not to skip regular teeth cleaning and dental checkups. Small problems can progress to larger issues more quickly, causing health troubles that extend beyond your mouth. Schedule your appointments at regular intervals so that you don’t miss a cleaning.

Care for Your Aging Teeth with Help from Your Calgary Dentist

Go Dental can provide friendly and professional dental services to protect your aging teeth. Our staff can answer your questions, provide solutions for your unique concerns, and offer denture services to keep your teeth healthy, strong and beautiful as you age.

Contact Go Dental today at 403-407-2028. You can also fill out a contact form online or visit our denture clinic to book your appointment.

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