Are You an Athlete? See How a Dentist in Calgary Could Protect Your Mouth and Jaw

You have most likely heard that a mouthguard could protect your teeth, but do you know how it works? More importantly, did you know that a mouthguard can also protect your jaw and other areas of the mouth?

Losing one or two teeth because of a sudden strike to the face or sports injury is not a pleasant situation, and can also be very painful. If you participate in recreational activities or you are into athletic sports, now is the time to learn about how a mouthguard could keep your smile and mouth intact. Your dentist in Calgary can provide you with a custom-fitted one for greater comfort and effective protection.

Mouthguards in Calgary Alberta

6 Ways Mouthguards Protect Athletes

Before reading through the benefits, it is important to note that a professionally made mouthguard by your Calgary dentist is a better choice over an off-the-shelf device. It will be designed to fit your teeth precisely, and will provide you with the following types of protection:

  • Protection from Lacerations - A professional, custom-fitted mouthguard will cover the sharp surfaces of your teeth (including teeth with braces) so that they do not cut the soft tissue of your gums, lips, tongue or cheeks.
  • Protecting Your Mouth During Impact - Your mouthguard will prevent injuries to your teeth if you experience a direct impact during activity. That means you could protect teeth from fractures, chips, breaks, or losing a tooth that is knocked out.
  • Preventing TMJ Trauma - When you wear a professional mouthguard, you give your jaw the cushion it needs and reduces the likelihood of a displacement or joint fracture.
  • Saves Your Jaw from Direct Impact - Your mouthguard can prevent serious injury to your jaw in a direct impact situation. If you are diagnosed with TMJ, it is critical that you have this protection in place.
  • Protecting You from Jaw Fractures - Your professionally-fitted guard absorbs and distributes the force of the impact, which protects your jaw from fractures.
  • Protecting You from Under-the-Chin Impact - If you receive a strike from under the chin, it could lead to severe damage to the teeth, but it could also exacerbate TMJ issues and hurt your jaw. A guard protects you from these risks.

Athletes: Protect Your Teeth, Gums, and More by Visiting a Dentist in Calgary

Enjoy the sports, action, and contact without the risk of losing your teeth and your smile. Go Dental can fit you with a professional, custom-made mouthguard. With these professionally-fitted options, you minimize the potential of injury in both high-contact and minimal-contact sports.

Do you wear braces? Then it is imperative you protect your investment, but also save your mouth from unnecessary cuts.

Schedule a fitting for mouthguards in Calgary by visiting Go Dental. Call us at 403-407-2028 or fill out an online contact form and our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

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