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Whether you have questions about dentures or other dental health concerns, at Go Dental we can address your needs. We invite you to take some time to review our most recent topics on our blog. If you wish to book an appointment or have a more specific question, please contact us at 403-407-2028.

How do I Know if I Need Braces?
You may have a smile that requires cosmetic dentistry in Calgary. This could involve a variety of treatments, from dental fillings to teeth whitening to dental crowns. The Go Dental team can assist you with all of these treatments, and more. Read more.

How to be Comfortable with Orthodontics

Getting accustomed to orthodontics can take some time. When you have a new dental appliance in your mouth, you will probably not feel immediately comfortable. Whether you choose traditional braces or Invisalign®, you will need to learn a few tips and tricks for being comfortable with orthodontic treatment. Read more.

Precautions to Take after a Zoom!™ Whitening Procedure — Your Cosmetic Dentist in Calgary Offers a Few Tips

Getting your teeth whitened can be a gratifying experience. If you have been unhappy with your teeth because they are stained, yellow, or dull, teeth whitening at your Calgary dentist could be exactly what you need.

The Zoom!™ whitening procedure can yield amazing results. In a short amount of time, your teeth will look cleaner, whiter, and brighter. You can get this treatment done in less than an hour, and the touch ups at home take very little time to do. Read more.

Whiter and Brighter Teeth in Less than an Hour: The Benefits of the Zoom Whitening Procedure
If you have dreamed of having whiter teeth but thought the treatment would be too complicated, Go Dental offers an ideal solution: the Zoom teeth whitening procedure. This treatment is performed very efficiently in our Calgary office, and it does not take longer than an hour. Read more.

Dentures: The Pros and Cons

Have missing teeth? If so, the types of problems your predicament poses are no laughing matter. Not only might you find yourself with unappealing gaps in your smile, but you may also experience difficulty chewing and speaking. While visiting a denturist to discuss your options may seem like an off-putting proposition, there’s less to worry about than you might realize. Read more.

Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions
Wondering if dental implants are right for you? In Calgary, an increasing number of our patients with one or more missing teeth are opting to get implants, and for good reason. Read more.

Signs that Your Dentures Might Not Be a Perfect Fit: Custom Dentures May Be the Answer Dentures can provide you with better functionality than you would have with missing and broken teeth. Additionally, a set of prosthetic teeth can help to restore your smile as well as your confidence. Read more.

Dental Bridges: Pros and Cons — Insights from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Calgary
The appearance of your teeth can affect your confidence, your relationships with others, and how you feel about yourself in general. Cosmetic dentistry provides many viable solutions for people who are unhappy with their teeth. Read more.

Missed or Chipped Teeth: How a Dentist in Calgary Can Help
Having chipped or missing teeth can cause more than just an aesthetics issue. You rely on your teeth for chewing, and when teeth are missing, you may be unable to enjoy certain foods (or any foods for that matter). Read more.

Are You an Athlete? See How a Dentist in Calgary Could Protect Your Mouth and Jaw

You have most likely heard that a mouthguard could protect your teeth, but do you know how it works? More importantly, did you know that a mouthguard can also protect your jaw and other areas of the mouth?

A Healthy Routine for Whiter Teeth
Our world is changing with social media demanding the best of us at every turn and media inundating us with messages of bright white teeth and a radiant smile. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, when it comes to your mouth however, behind every effort at looking good should be a focus on your oral health routine.

Don’t Toss the Floss - Your Local Dentist in Calgary Advises that Flossing is Important

A recent article published by the Associated Press (AP) questioned the effectiveness of flossing, showing a lack of evidence to support the benefits of this oral hygiene practice. Read more.

What You Should Know About Canker Sores - Advice from Your Family Dentist in Calgary

Those who suffer from canker sores, or aphthous ulcers, know how discomforting and painful they can be. These small mouth sores are common amongst people aged 10 to 40 years, and are typically located on the cheeks, tongue or inside of the lips. Canker sores can vary in severity, with some people getting them frequently, one after another. Read more.

Charting Your Child’s Dental Milestones
Most people remember to mark down the time of birth, first words, and height of their child as they grow. In addition to all these, there are dental milestones you should watch out for. As your child begins to grow, their teeth, gums and oral health will require special attention. Read more.

Tips to Care for Your Aging Teeth

As people age, a whole range of new health concerns arise. Alongside creaky knees and worsening eye sight, it is important not to overlook your oral health. Your teeth and gums are prone to new issues and vulnerabilities as you age, so taking extra care is crucial for maintaining your health. Read more.

Get Your Kids Reading Towards Good Oral Health

Starting your child’s love of reading from a young age is a fantastic gift. They can learn a lot from books and will have an easier time in school if they are confident and happy readers. Another great habit to start from a young age is a consistent oral hygiene routine. Read more.

Conquering Your Smile Anxiety

Your smile communicates a lot about you to the people you meet. Showing the world a bright and confident smile opens you up to new opportunities, makes a positive social impression, and can enhance your beauty by showing your joy. Read more.

Drilling through Root Canal Myths

Root canals have earned a bad reputation as being extremely painful dental procedures. The punch line to many jokes, root canals are not something most people look forward to. Read more.

Laughing and Smiling with Dentist Jokes
Your dental health is an important part of your overall health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be all so serious, though! Show us your brightest and widest smile after reading through these fun dentist jokes. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures
Dentures today are not the same as they were a few years ago. If you have been contemplating dentures, you will have plenty of questions. It is always best to consult your family dentist in Calgary because there may be specific requirements for your teeth. Read more.

Is It Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?
Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth and many individuals will need to have them removed in their late teens to early 20’s. Not everyone requires wisdom teeth removal, but it is important to keep a lookout for the signs and symptoms you need it; that way you can avoid complications later on. Read more.

Cracked or Broken Tooth? Here is What You Should Do
Trauma to the mouth can occur often when you least expect it. Whether you are out skiing and enjoying the slopes or you ate something that was just too hard, you should be aware of what to do if you crack a tooth or break a tooth. Your teeth are strong, but that does not mean they cannot chip, break or crack. It is important to know how to handle these types of emergency situations so that you can preserve your teeth. Read more.

Dental Phobia: Is It Real?
Dental phobia may seem like it has become a popular topic in recent times, but in reality, this condition has existed just as long as general dentistry has. It is not uncommon for a patient to experience some anxiety about going to the dentist, but for some people, the level of anxiety can be so severe that they actually avoid the dentist altogether. Read more.

Understanding the Different Types of Braces: Comparing Braces and Invisalign
Gone are the days when braces were bulky, unattractive and only worn by pre-teens. Braces have come a long way and are now more efficient and aesthetic than ever. You can fix crooked teeth in no time with traditional braces or Invisalign® technology. Read more.

All About Teeth: Taking Care of Your Unique Smile
Your teeth are a big part of who you are. They are one of the first things people notice about you as you talk and smile. Teeth help you eat, properly pronounce words and present your best self to the world each and every day. For these and many other reasons, taking care of your teeth is vital for your appearance, confidence and overall health. While they play an important role in our lives, we often stop paying teeth much attention after the tooth fairy has collected our last “baby” teeth. Read more.

Protecting Teeth During Sports
Sports can create risks for teeth, with flying equipment and rough contact, and it is important to keep your teeth safe from harm. It is estimated that between 13 and 39 percent of tooth injuries occur during sports. For this reason, you should take preventative measures to protect yourself and your family’s smiles. There are different options and considerations when choosing the best sports protection for your teeth. The following tips can help you keep your teeth safe from harm while participating in sports. Read more.

Bright, White Teeth? Here’s What to Eat!
There are many options for whitening teeth, and a variety of products that promise quick, safe results. While many over-the-counter options exist, ranging from strips to toothpastes, making a few simple changes to your regular diet can help give you the pearly whites you want. Read more.

7 Tips for Denture Care—From Your Local Denture Clinic in Calgary
Dentures are expensive, and you’ll want to take care of them as you would your natural teeth. Here, Go Dental (your local Calgary denture clinic) offers tips on how to keep your dentures in top condition, from handling to your maintenance routine. Read more.

Go Dental Partners with Inclusion Alberta
Go Dental has announced its partnership with Inclusion Alberta. This is an exciting move for both Go Dental and the Calgary group that works so hard to find disabled individuals jobs in the area. Read more.

How to Prevent Cavities between Professional Teeth Cleanings
When teeth are regularly exposed to sugary and starchy foods, the enamel on the tooth loses minerals, causing tooth decay. If caught early, this decay can be stopped or reversed, but if it continues, the enamel will eventually be destroyed, resulting in a cavity. A cavity is a permanent condition that a dentist will need to repair with a dental filling. As your family dentist in Calgary will advise, cavity prevention is essential to maintaining good oral health. Read more.

Tooth Discoloration: Causes, Prevention, and Treatments
Unsightly tooth discoloration has many people in Calgary seeking cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening treatments. The good news is that modern dentistry has the tools to restore the shine to your smile. Combined with a few simple lifestyle changes, a trip to a general or family dentist such as Go Dental can help you treat and avoid tooth discoloration. Read more.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry a Good Choice for You?
Cosmetic dentistry covers a broad range of dental procedures that can improve the look and feel of your teeth. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to treat discolouration, chipped or missing teeth, and even misshapen teeth. While they may be referred to as “cosmetic”, not all of these procedures are cosmetic in nature; in fact, some can help improve existing oral problems. Read more.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?
Though permanent teeth finish coming in by the age of 12 or 13, the final set of molars in the human mouth only begin erupting between the ages of 17 and 25. This third set of molars, known as wisdom teeth, often need to be removed. So why do humans have them anyway? Let’s take a look. Read more.

How to Manage Dental Anxiety
Many people dislike going to the dentist, but a small percentage of patients experience anxiety and fear that goes beyond simply feeling bored or slightly uncomfortable in the dentist chair. They may feel great physical unease at the very thought of an appointment, have trouble sleeping the night before, or flat out avoid the dentist altogether. Read more.

What to Do When You Lose a Tooth
Losing a permanent, adult tooth can be quite a shocking experience. It is important, however, to keep calm and act fast, as a lost tooth is considered to be a dental emergency. Your main goal upon losing a tooth should be to get yourself to a dental clinic that offers emergency dental services, but you should also make sure to follow these four steps before rushing out the door. Read more.

What to Look for When Choosing a Calgary Dentist
Choosing the right family dentist should be just as important as choosing the right family doctor. If you are looking for a dentist in SE or NE Calgary, then there are some very important points you should consider first. You’ll be sure to find the right clinic by keeping the following four criteria in mind. Read more.

3 Signs You Need Dentures
“Do I need dentures?” is a question that many people over the age of 50 in Calgary find themselves asking. Often, however, they aren’t sure what signs and symptoms they should be looking out for, and go too long without seeking the advice of a dental professional. Luckily, there are a few warning signs that you should be paying attention to. Read more.

Go Dental and the Lead Foundation
Do you know what’s different about our Calgary family dentists’ clinic? It’s that we get it. We get it that community involvement is key in creating a great place to live, and when people feel supported and a sense of belonging, they take better care of their health. Plus, we all know that paying things forward brings good things to everybody. Read more.

Defeat Your Bad Breath with Professional Teeth Cleaning
Sometimes all it takes to beat bad breath is a mint or a quick tooth brushing. Other times, however, bad breath can turn into a chronic problem that you just can’t seem to shake. There is no need to be embarrassed if you’re having issues with bad breath, as it is a common problem that many people in Calgary visit their general and family dentists for. Read more.

Planning for Your Dental Needs in an Impending Recession
With the price of oil taking a plunge over the last several months and experts predicting that it will be a while before any sort of rebound, it seems likely that Alberta will be in a recession this year. The province has already seen a considerable loss of jobs, and, with those jobs, a loss of benefits as well. Read more.

Oral Health in Canada
Canadians have a lot of things to be proud of, such as hockey, maple syrup, our stunningly beautiful outdoors, and a large polar bear population. But perhaps one of our nation’s most unsung national treasures is our great oral health and enviable dental care system. Dental care in Canada and, more specifically, in Calgary, is characterized by a high level of accessibility to the general public, as well as high levels of patient satisfaction with dental services. Read more.

Tooth Pain Causes and Treatment
Tooth pain is a common problem that most people have experienced or will experience at least once. As common as it is, however, tooth pain can have a variety of different causes. Pain in or around a tooth may be the result of a gum infection, tooth decay, a damaged filling, an abscessed tooth, a tooth fracture, or even teeth grinding. Read more.

Children and the Dentist
Children need to see the dentist for the same reasons that adults do: to make sure that their teeth and gums are healthy. Additionally, a good family dentist in Calgary can ensure that your child’s teeth are growing in correctly, and can take corrective measures if they are not. Healthy baby teeth are important for both speaking and chewing, and for ensuring that permanent teeth also grow in properly. Read more.

The Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment
Today dentists have more fast and effective teeth whitening solutions than ever before. If you are looking for a way to reclaim some of the luster that your teeth have lost to staining foods and drinks, then you may feel overwhelmed by all of the available options. Should you try an at-home whitening method, or should you visit a cosmetic dentist in Calgary for an in-office teeth whitening treatment? Read more.

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